Saturday, September 3, 2016

My dog Venus!

So I wanted to share a lil story about our dog Venus. She's the most loving, attention starved Boston I have ever known! She loves our bed and to be close to us, we have to make her go outside to potty because she doesn't want to leave the bedroom. But this story is about the 100 dollar bill Venus ate! When I said ate I don't mean she just chewed and swallowed the bill, no she Sat there and starting tearing piece by piece of the bill until my husband Jamie caught her! At this point we had a half of 100 dollars, he couldn't find the rest of the bill anywhere so we figured she just ate it! A few weeks back when I was cleaning under the bed there was a piece of paper that came out with the lint and there it was the other half of the 100 dollar bill! (she did ended up eating some of it that we couldn't find but it was enough to change the bill). I hope you find this as funny as we did!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New things on the blog!

Today I’m working on the blog and it has been very frustrating but I’m starting to understand it!

Belma and Nihad’s wedding highlights!

I am so thankful for being part of these two love birds wedding! It was beyond amazing!

Pls check out to see more of this amazing wedding!